Skincare goodies
that won't grease up
your spring groove.

skin care
for Netflix&chill
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Do you know that Scooby feeling when in a day you manage to hit the gym, eat green, work a 10h shift, call mom, have a social life and come back home to a 12 step skincare routine?

Can't relate. That's why we created Siwon.

We are a male-centric skincare and cosmetic brand for dirty-minded yet conscious-clean dudes. At the intersection of indulgence, entertainment and self-care. In short, we make light, fun and effective products for your joyfull and tiki-tiki meow-meow moments. 

We don't want to stress over impossible standards to live up to and would rather choose a world of possibilities to live into, gamer mode always ON. We believe we can take care of ourselves, while enjoying the ride


Cool stuff


Grounded laughs
Our magic recipe
Results you can see
products packed with effective, safe and %-precise ingredients your skin needs. Since… I don't know Rick, science works.
Lasting joy
Non-sticky water-type textures, smells you will want to taste and more colorful than a leprechaun's trip. Double joy when you use then, and when then see your reflection in the mirror.
Brains and heart
We leave animals in peace (cruelty-free), measure and reduce our carbon footprint and rip our faces off with the (few) things that truly matter.

People talk...

"If you haven't try SIWON you should. You will look handsome with one application. Last bottle lasted 4 months. Total bargain"

Paul G


"I always hated how creams feel on my face but this is completely different: super ligth, non-sticky feeling... and you can see results in no time. Top, top, top... 🥰"

Diego J


"Is not that I need them. Is that my face deserve them! 😜 Very good products indeed"

Jhon C.


"A blast. Experience was amazing. Great products, easy to use, very light and with a cool design. I love the packaging and the gifts that came with them! 10/10👌"





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