This is what we tell everyone who works with us ... as a cover letter
Building a male-centric D2C brand around self-esteem, freedom, and fun through cosmetics and grooming


Products associated with moments of joy, easy to use and zero b***shit


Self-care with a playful and sensorial twist storytelling


Responsible hedonism, relaxed masculinity, and goofy challenge as flagship standards

Why we exist
To fuel people’s joy in the skin they live in
Celebrating and embracing everyone’s uniqueness and contradictions
Spurring to explore a world of possibilities to live into vs standards to live up to
Forging fit and a sense of community among outcasts
Why does it matter?
Because we all, sometimes, feel like an outcast
Everyone needs a sense of belonging and progress
Feels lighter to open-up about beauty, body image, mental and emotional care
Because we do care (we all have skin in the game)
Our guiding principles
  1. Light way, deep substance Warmth, emotion, and goofiness are not at odds with professionalism
  2. A bias towards creative and unapologetic action Every creator person’s fear is rooted in judgement
  3. Distributed intelligence and radical ownership Talent and willingness to do things always over process, seniority, and hierarchy
  4. Speed vs. control Taking risks, embracing the unknown and the Business as Unusual
  5. Fun and enjoying the ride Be happy (and do not forget to celebrate)